Automatic Tire Deflators 4-56 PSI Destination Pressure Range Coyote Enterprises

Automatic Tire Deflators 4-56 PSI Destination Pressure Range Coyote Enterprises
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Tim E.
If you air down your tires on a somewhat regular basis you need to have these tire deflators. Screw them all in and pull the ring 2 minutes later all of your tires are at 12 PSI (The factory default setting). When I got them I tested each and everyone to ensure consistency and they were spot on perfect every time. The factory sets them at 12 psi, you can easily change them to meet your needs.

I bought 2 sets, I keep one at 12 psi and one at 20 psi. Now the downside, if there is one, is the cost. These are not cheap Chinese knockoffs. These are American made perfection and of course the cost is higher. However if you air down they are well worth the cost. If you only occasionally go off road maybe 2-3 times a year then skip these, you can do the tire walk and do them individually. But if you are into quick air downs so you can get on the beach or trail these are a must
Steve W.
I set 2 to 10 pounds and 2 to 15 pounds. Setup was very easy. I used a small wheel barrel tire so air up time was very short. I tested them on my 35 inch tires with an electronic pressure gauge and the pressure was on the money. Like most things with moving parts, keep them clean and lightly lined with WD40 and they will outlast you. These make the air down time very easy.
Robert H.
OK, where have these deflators been all my life? I've been using the ARB quick deflator that takes the valve stems out and really liked it. I thought it was a great product. It still is, but not if you've ever used these Auto Deflators. You take the valve stem cap off and screw this on, then walk away. Repeat 3 times. Then do whatever you need to - ice the beer cooler, talk to your friends who are busy deflating their tires the manual way, tell them how awesome your deflators are, get the GoPro mounted, whatever.

When you are done, go back and they'll be done. You take them off, replace the valve stem cap and either put them up or loan them to another driver who is tired of waiting in line for the manual deflators being used. By the time three rigs are deflated with these, one will have been completed with the ARB/Currie deflator.
They come preset to 15lbs.

This is what I like to run with my 37's, so it worked perfectly for me without having to adjust. I've read that when you get it set where you want it to put a tiny bit of loc tite on it to hold it in place. I checked the pressures with my most accurate gauge and none of the 4 tires were off at all.
If you off-road and air down, these are a must and then some. Yes, they're more expensive than the ARB/Currie, but worth every penny. I keep mine in the bag with my VIAIR compressor so they're always there.
Awesome product. I was sketchy at first - especially due to price, however, after buying them and testing them I could not be happier. I have only had the chance to use them 1 time so far - and I must say I love it. Quality seems to be top notch and setting them could not be easier. May take a few trys to get to the PSI you want, but once it's there you are good to go. Once you set the first one to your desired PSI, eye ball the next in length/threads to get you close to the PSI you want, then adjust from there. I set all 4 to 11.5-12PSI. Then I aired my tire back up to about 20-25PSI and reattached each one, and they stopped right at 11.5-12PSI accordingly. This will make airing down WAY easier when I go off road. Instead of everyone waiting on me, I will be waiting on them! Must buy for avid off roaders.
R. Caplan
I did the research, because i never had any deflators before (and always envied the people with them) and even though these were on the more expensive side, i am glad i started with the best.

i went down to Pismo with my dually and toy hauler, and aired down all 10 tires to 12 PSI in about 10 minutes, just using 4 of these. i wound up having to go up into the sand away from the beach about 80 feet, and had to move twice, and NEVER got stuck.